The information used to evaluate the quality and safety of the care provided to our patients at 澳门永利线上博彩娱乐场 is the most important information we feel we can provide to you, 我们的顾客和邻居. T在这里 are many quality measures by which hospitals can be evaluated and compared. 最好的, unbiased source of information about 澳门永利线上博彩娱乐场’s quality and safety can be found at 医院比较—a federal 网站 hosted by the Department of Health and Human 服务. 本网站的资料每三个月更新一次.

医院比较 provides information about all US Hospitals with respect to:

  • 医院概况
  • Survey of 病人 Experiences (病人 Satisfaction Survey results)
  • 及时有效的护理
  • 并发症
  • 再入院率和死亡率
  • 有效利用医学影像
  • 提供护理的价值

Measuring Hospital Quality and 病人 Safety at 澳门永利线上博彩娱乐场

病人的满意对我们的成功至关重要 澳门永利线上博彩娱乐场有很多衡量方法. We evaluate our hospital quality in five primary ways; information about each of them is below.

澳门永利线上博彩娱乐场 distributes comment cards for both in-patient and out-patient visitors to our facility and receive more than 5,每年有5000份回复. These cards provide us with instant feedback as to how satisfied a patient was with the service they received at 澳门永利线上博彩娱乐场. 这些卡片每天都要查看(是的, 每天),如果问题或担忧被曝光, they are referred to the appropriate department for immediate action. These cards demonstrate to us what kind of “first impression” we have made on you, our customers. 在今天的医疗保健市场, patients often have choices of w在这里 they will go; we want to make sure that if you choose us, 你会觉得自己做出了正确的选择.

澳门永利线上博彩娱乐场与第三方供应商密切合作, Healthstream研究, to survey patients who have been admitted for in-patient services at our facility. 大约在病人回家后4周, Healthstream calls a set of patients to ask a standardized patient survey (prescribed by CMS) of our patients to evaluate satisfaction with many aspects of their stay. 该调查包含患者住院的9个关键领域:

  • 与医生沟通
  • 与护士沟通
  • 医院工作人员的反应能力
  • 疼痛管理
  • 网上澳门永利博彩官网药品的交流
  • 流量信息
  • 清洁
  • 安静
  • 照顾的过渡

T在这里 are 32 questions on the survey and this information is provided to the hospital as well as to the public via 医院比较.


The litmus test for any hospital can and should be; did you get better? The Center for Medicaid and 医疗保险 服务 determines whether a hospital is doing a good job by whether patients admitted to the hospital have mortality (death) rates that are lower than the U.S. 全国税率,与美国大致相同.S. 全国税率,或高于美国税率.S. National Rate, given how sick they were when they were admitted to the hospital.

This information is available for all hospitals that provide services to Medicaid or 医疗保险 patients in the United States. 澳门永利线上博彩娱乐场和, or better than the National Rate for the diagnoses reported and has better outcomes of care than many of our regional competitors, 大或小.

见护理比较的结果 医院比较.

Core measures are used to track a variety of evidence-based and heavily researched standards of care that have been shown to improve clinical outcomes for patients. Our core measures of care measure the quality of our services for heart attack, 心脏衰竭, community acquired pneumonia and surgical care infection prevention. 合规 with these measures is part of our effort to assure that 澳门永利线上博彩娱乐场 is providing the right and/or recommended care based on scientific evidence.

The core measures provide information about the care you as a patient should receive when you arrive at the hospital, 当你在这里的时候,还有出院后的护理说明. Improving these areas of care means you’re more likely to have a better health outcome.

急性心肌梗死(AMI), 通常被称为心脏病发作, 当部分心脏的血液供应被切断时就会发生, 导致一些心脏细胞死亡. AMI is often the result of plaque breaking off the artery walls and causing a blockage in the coronary artery. Untreated, AMI can lead to the damage and/or death of heart muscle tissue.

For more information on heart attack and the signs and symptoms to look for, visit the 疾病控制和预防中心 网站.

心脏衰竭 is a condition w在这里 a problem with the structure or function of the heart makes it unable to pump enough blood to meet all the needs of the body. 心力衰竭是  the same as a heart attack, but it can be the result of a heart attack.

有关心力衰竭的更多信息,请访问 疾病控制和预防中心 网站.

社区获得性肺炎 是肺部的炎症性疾病吗. 它主要由病毒引起, 细菌或两者的结合, 但也可能由吸入食物引起, 液体, 气体或灰尘和真菌. 某些疾病,如肺结核,也会引起肺炎. 肺炎是一种常见病,发生于所有年龄组, and is a leading cause of death among the elderly and people who are chronically and terminally ill. T在这里 are vaccines available to prevent certain types of pneumonia. 与肺炎相关的典型症状包括咳嗽, 胸部疼痛, 发热。, 呼吸困难.

For fast facts on pneumonia, including vaccination information, visit the 疾病控制和预防中心 网站.

For more information about pneumonia, including tips on prevention and vaccination, visit the 美国肺脏协会 网站.

2016年,澳门永利线上博彩娱乐场实施了一项 病人及家属谘询委员会. This representative group of patients and caregivers will meets bi-monthly with hospital staff to help improve clinical performance and patient safety issues at 澳门永利线上博彩娱乐场. The goal of the Advisory Council is to assist with the decision making process about such things as discharge orders, 来访的时间, 护士和医生如何与病人沟通, 还有很多其他的问题.


  • 促进改善患者之间的关系, 家庭, 通过与医院工作人员的沟通改善.
  • Provides a venue for patients and 家庭 to provide input into policy and program development.
  • Provides an opportunity for patients and 家庭 to review recommendations referred to the council by staff or administration.
  • Provides an opportunity for patients and 家庭 to actively participate in the development of new facilities and programs.
  • 积极帮助澳门永利线上博彩娱乐场实施变革.
  • 与员工合作, 医生, and administration in the planning and operation of specific programs.
  • Provides opportunities for staff to listen to their patients and 家庭.

会议记录将在我们的网站上公布 病人及家属谘询委员会网页. 如果你找不到他们 在这里,请与我们联系,我们将提供最新的副本给您.